Nuphar’s 2012
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We are Anne Plomp and Wouter Lemmen, proud owners of Alba and Lotus.   Anne was born into the dogworld as her parents owned, bred and showed first Dachshunds and later Basset Fauve de Bretagne. After showing her parents dogs for several years, she began handling for others. Starting out handling Border Terriers for her friend and mentor Elly Weyenborg-Weggemans, the hobby grew to the proportions of an addiction. This way Anne also got to know the Barbet, handling Alba's grandmother from puppy-hood and later also Alba's mother. During her student life the dogshows were a big part of her life but the first dog had to wait until the studies were finished.
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Wouter and Anne met at the train station, after Anne had helped a friend pick up her puppy and Wouter had been traveling for his thesis. We were both headed back to Leeuwarden, where we studied Animal Management. We even shared some friends but had not met before! During our first meeting, Wouter told Anne he wanted to have a Poodle ‘when he grew up’. His childhood was filled with several dogs and his mother bred one litter of Golden Retrievers. Of course, Anne told Wouter a Barbet is much better! One thing  led to another and in March 2009 Alba was born and came home with us after 8 weeks!  Alba leads an active life, which we enjoy immensely. Though Alba is above all our beloved pet, it soon became clear she is a very good breed representative. We are very proud of what she has achieved in the showring, but even more of her wonderful character and happy-go-lucky personality.
As dog-owners and breeders, there’s several things we think is important in dog-ownership and - care. We believe the relationship with your dog should be based on mutual trust and love, not dominance and aggression. We strongly believe in raw feeding and using natural remedies as much as possible. Dogs are not accessories or gadgets and should be a part of the family. That means adjusting your life when a puppy or dog enters the household. If you are not prepared to do that, don’t venture into dog- ownership. If you are willing to open your house and heart to a dog, you will experience a great friendship which is worth the adjustment!
In May 2012 Alba gave us a wonderful litter of 8 puppies. From that litter we kept Lotus at home. Lotus made a lot of our dreams come true, all the while teaching us many wise lessons. Alba’s second litter, 7 puppies, was born on 27 December 2013. From this litter working together with Marian Vos allowed us to co- own Tux. In 2015 we co-bred a litter with Dolce, who gave birth to 8 puppies on 14 March,  advising and guiding Dolce’s owners along the way. The fourth Nuphar’s litter gave us 7 puppies out of Lotus, born on 8 January 2016. Out of this very promising litter, we kept Cait with us.
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