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Websites on health, feeding and daily care Barfplaats (NL) THE site about raw-feeding and BARF-diets Het Woud Veterinair Parasitologisch Laboratorium (NL) The lab for sending faeces samples to, to check for worms Any Animal (NL) Veterinarian Clinic and Osteopath NGD (NL) Nederlandse Gezelschapsdieren Databank Dutch Kennel Club (NL) Jane Anderson’s Raw Learning A great website about feeding raw, in English Raw Meaty Bones Tom Lonsdales website, one of the BARF ‘gurus’ ‘Is petfood poisoning our dogs?’, a Daily Mail article offering some very good facts ‘What’s really in your pet’s food?’ Only watch this eye-opening video if you have a strong stomach! K9 A dried raw diet, ideal to take with you on vacation ‘Holistic care for pets’, a website with lots of links on several topics Vaccineren A Dutch article about the pros and cons of vaccinating ‘Vaccines: when too much of a good thing turns bad’ An article by Dr. Jean Dodds The truth about vaccines A website about the risks of vaccination ‘Whats everyone needs to know about canine vaccines’ ‘Castreren - Steriliseren, pro’s en contra’s’ A Dutch article about the benefits and negatives of neutering/spaying Spay/Neuter information A collection of articles about spaying/neutering ‘Long-Term Health Risks and Benefits Associated with Spay / Neuter in Dog’ An article about the longterm effects of neutering/spaying
Websites on breeding, genetics and all that comes with it PennHIP (USA) A scientific method of hip-scoring OFA (USA) Orthopedic Foundation for Animals BVA Hipscores (UK) Canine Diversity An extremely informative website about breeding and genetics Essays for the dogbreeder Chapters on breeding and genetics by Dr. Thorpe-Vargas ‘17 Points to consider when breeding’ ‘The price of popularity: Popular Sires and Population Genetics’ ‘DLA Diversity’ A Finnish laboratory research ‘Notes on viability of breeds’  A collection of data about research into the MHC ‘DLA Project’ About DLA diversity in Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retrievers DLA Diversity in Kooikerhondjes’ ‘Study of MHC Class II genes of Bearded Collies reveals narrow diversity’ ‘The DLA diversity of Kromforhlanders’ Breeding better dogs (USA) Interesting site about breeding pure-bred dogs Understanding Polygenetic Inheritance An excellent article! ‘The ins and outs of Pedigree Analysis, Genetic iversity and Genetic Disease Control’ Canine Genetics A collection of very informative articles Dog Color Genetics An article describing the genetics that underlies the primary colors and patterns Dog Coat Colour Genetics Very nice informative website Dog Terminology A website about dog terminology, with explanations! Construction in relation to movement
Websites on training and raising your dog in a dog-friendly way Dr. Sohia Yin (USA) Animal behaviourist, training based on trust and positive reinforcement Turid Rugaas The specialist on Claming signals ‘Dominance - making sense of the nonsense’  An excellent article from Roger Abrantes’ blog Popular Training Techniques Study  An article by dr. Sophia Yin ‘Dealing with Dominance’ A very good blogpost on the Dominance Myths with tons of links! ‘Forget about being Alpha in your pack!’ Sums up all the reasons to forget the Dominance theory ‘Dominance and Social Relationships in Dogs’ How dominance does work in dogs ‘Brain & Nose Games’ A informative online booklet giving lots of ideas for games
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