Nuphar’s 2012
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CHECK THE BLOG FOR MORE NEWS, PHOTOS, ETC! Although we’re proud of our dogs’ showresults and showing is our hobby, championships and titles do NOT play a major role in our breeding programme. We do look at conformation, as proper structure is key for good health, but: ‘It’s nice to be pretty, but it’s even prettier to be nice!’  
----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 13 December 2016 At the Amsterdam Winner show, Cait did very well: from Junior Class she won both the Junior Winster ánd the Winster-title! With this win she also makes up her Dutch Junior Championship title. We’re proud of our Mouse.  ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 27 September 2016 Cait is 8,5 months old and is developing very nicely. Aside from that, she’s a sweetheart, loves to cuddle, is always enthousiastic and a bit crazy - in other words: the ideal Barbet! ;-) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 22 July 2016 Saying goodbye to Lotto was very hard, but we’re also happy he can start his ‘real’ life now, in the pack with his dad Toby. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 4 June 2016 Cait’s first show was a big succes: she placed 3rd in Best Baby In Show! That promises well for the future. Posing with Uncle Tux: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 29 May 2016 Raising two pups is keeping us busy. On the blog you’ll find photos and videos of Cait & Lotto, and of course Alba &Lotus too.  ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 12 April 2016 All but 2 of the Nuphar’s X to D pups have flown the coop. Literaly, for Jordy, to America. Robin has moved to Sweden. Lotto is staying a bit longer for now. Two pups is double the fun, sometimes quite a handful and intense but we are enjoying the two of them! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 13 March 2016 The Nuphar’s P to W-litter, aka the PeeWee’s, celebrated their first birthday with a beach walk.  More pics on the Blog. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 12 March 2016 The first puppies from the Nuphar’s X to D litter are moving to their new homes. They all have their own page on the site and of course, each goodbye is published on the blog. A few pups are still waiting for their big move and of course our Cait is staying here! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 26 January 2016 Liva’s first show in Junior class was a succes: CAC en Best Female! There’s a report and a video of Liva in the ring on the blog. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 24 January 2016 The Toby and Lotus puppies are already 2 weeks old. The 7 pups were born on January 8th. All are spoken for. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 8 December 2015 The first images of the Nuphar’s X to ? litter! Although it was already clear from Lotus’growing belly, her pregnancy is confirmed by ultrasound today. There are more pictures and a video on de Blog.  -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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