Nuphar’s 2012
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Nuphar’s In Full Swing Mother: Quaciëndas Alba Aqua-Aura (NL/NL) Father: Netis Hazzah (UK/UK) Born: 27 December 2013 1 brother (black-white) & 5 sisters (3 black and 2 brown) Hips: A Eyes: Free of all eye-problems (09-11-2015) Tux on Pawpeds Tux is co-owned with Marian Vos. Tux was born as the first puppy in the litter. More information on the litter is found here.   Tux 19 months old Although we has announced on the website in the litter planning that we hoped to find a co-owner for a male, we didn’t pursue the matter. That was why all puppies had been reserved for others. When faith interefered and he became available again, Wouter said we should try and find a co-owner for him. He had a special places in Anne’s heart already and he was developing very nicely. The perfect owners came to us: the Vos family, where Thibault (N. Four Leaf Clover) has a golden life. No better place for Tux, and a wonderful opportunity for us to be able to show him. Tux is a very open and confident puppy. He was one of the first to try and play with the adult dogs. Because he is very adept at ‘dog language’ he was quick to succeed in seducing Alba and Lotus. He has also endeared himself to his big brother Thibault. We are very happy Tux has such great owners, who are prepared to enter the co-own adventure with us. In the day to day life he’s their dog of course, but we hope Tux will love the showring with us now and then in the weekend. If he has as much fun as his mom and sister, we’d be pleased.